C&NW 2-8-2 Mikado in 1.6 scale

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Jul 31, 2010
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I think I have too many projects. The main one is a 1.6 scale steam locomotive. Any bronze casting under 3 pounds I cast myself. The larger Castings were cast using printed sand mold for the pilot beam support and lost wax for the trailing truck cradle. I made a wood pattern for the cylinders. The driver patterns were 3D printed plastic. 22310561-F264-4C58-AD67-8A844EB511A0.jpeg 46771BD9-E057-4B99-9790-638B113CCBDB.jpeg

Each of the boxes contains a project ether for the locomotive a a stand alone. There is a pair of wood frame trucks for a caboose and a hit and miss engine plus other projects.

So I have plenty to do.

Tim Meyer


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Nov 19, 2008
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Sterling Heights, MI
Steam locos projects are like eating an elephant. Keep taking little bites and eventually if you live long enough it will be gone. Let it sit too long and it will spoil and the chances of finishing will start to fade. You would be superised what just an hour a day will get done every week.

Richard Carlstedt

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Jul 9, 2007
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Green Bay ,Wisconsin
Beautiful Locomotive , and a great Picture . I wonder if my Wife's grandfather rode the 2530 ?
He was a road supervisor and expert on valve gear for the C & NW. The railroad kept track of Coal consumption on every train and he would go out and ride with an engineer or a loco and determine if the poor efficiency ( Ton of coal per tons of train load ) was engineer related or locomotive related. So either the engineer was retrained/fired or the maintenance shop was told what to do with the valve train.
Loved the stories I heard from the family, but it was a hard job .. Beauty of a loco Tim !
PS he died before I became a member of the family- so i missed the stories first hand

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