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Smokey, that looks like one of my kits. Glad to see folks are building them. Congratulations on a nice job.
Hi Maury
Yes it your kit and may I add very nice castings. It was a pleasure to build this engine. It's my favorite one. I just wish I would have bought the brass flywheels. If you were still making them I would be very tempted to buy another. I'm working on making a wooden base for it right now. Hopefully I will have it all done by about May.
Smokey, these kits are still available. Doug at Minicastings has taken over the design, as well as several of my other kits.
I seen it on there website but it is always out of stock. I will probably have to call him to find out what's going on.

This is a long shot so to speak however, I am trying to source some information on the Baker Ball Hopper Monitor engine 1/3 scale - see photo.

The engine was purchased just over five years ago from someone who purchased it from the original builder long since gone. So the finished engine is approx fifteen years old.

A good friend of mine has given it to me to see if I can get it going - easier said than done. I have had it running for half an hour or so only to die and refused to restart. The engine run did highlight a few problems most of which can be fixed with a little care. My problem is the air intake and fuel mix. Just looking at what the original builder has done, just doesn't look right in the way he machined what could be called the venturi. What I am looking for is someone who has a set of plans and if they would take a photo of that part of the drawing of the air intake and fuel jet. I am trying to avoid re inventing the wheel so to speak.

If you can help, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance

Bruce W-S


  • Baker Manufacturing Monitor Pump Antique Gas Engine.pdf
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Ah that is the smaller VJ (vertical jack)Monitor that you have there not the larger one in this thread and that I built.

Luckily I also have the VJ and will did out the drawing for you a bit later. The original engine wa squite basic unlike the larger one that did have a better shaped venturi.
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