Any plans for a v-twin small engine around?

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La revista Model Engine Builder publicó dibujos para el Hoglet V Twin
hola alguien tiene los planos del motor ED 2.49cc mk3 o saber donde los podria conseguir


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You could try the VEGA, it's a 9cc vee twin 4 stroke, search the name on the internet to see the layout.

The Hoglet has been the most popular build article in Model Engine Builder magazine. It is in issues 10 & 11.

Screenshot - 12_25_2023 , 7_25_17 AM.jpg
Hello all.

My grand plan of getting new toys ( new, much bigger mill and lathe ) and then launching straight into a loco build, and a rarely built loco at that, is, I think, perhaps a little TOO challenging a way to get to know my new toys.

I want something a bit taxing, but where I loose only a few hours/days work with when I make the inevitable mistake, rather than weeks worth of work on something vastly larger.

Something that I would quite like to build, because I actually have a use for it, is a fair sized 2-stroke engine - something like a 0.60 or a 0.74 ( about 10 - 12 cc ) size. I've always liked the idea of a v-twin, but now I come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen any plans for one.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has ever come accross any v-twin 2-stoke plans that are either in the right sort of size range or that I can scale up/down. Even better, plans and a build book, or a series in a magazine would be even better. I know there are a lot of straight-2's about, and they would do the job, but they're just not as nice to look at I think?

I think that might be a good challenge, but it's much smaller than a 5" loco. Not only that, it's small enough that I can throw it accross the room much easier if I make a serious mistake.
Hemingway Kits ( do a 15cc 4stroke V-twin -The Aero, plans and build notes plus material kits are available- they will export if you are not in the UK.
I've made both the Hoglet and Jerry Howell v-twin. Both builds are documented on my YouTube channel. The playlist for the Hoglet is here:

The JH v-twin is a more complex build.