Air Blast Injection Diesel - Update

Discussion in 'A Work In Progress' started by weir-smith, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Since I last made a posting on my new project, being a scale model of a single cylinder vertical air blast injection diesel, based on the original displayed in the Diesel House Museum in Copenhagen.

    Approximately 50% of the drawings are completed with mostly the detail ones outstanding. The flywheel is completed (ref to photo) including the rim gear used in the original to turn the engine over with a leaver. Sourcing suitable valves has been a problem however, Austin 7 valves have the required stem length and the valve itself is machinable. I have tried one including grinding the valve lip (not sure if that is the correct terminology). I also had to make a suitable grinding jig with collets and drive (see photo).

    I had the cams and rockers laser cut from 10 mm steel. After finishing etc, I will surface grind them. I have also included a photo of the cylinder water jacket being machined. While I have now have most of the material to complete the engine, there are many problems to overcome.

    The engine base is made from aluminium originally from a scrapped loco. I have also sourced all of the cast iron for the cylinder liner, piston etc. Some of the cast iron (40 mm thick plate) I intend to use for the bearing pedestals originally came from a ship that sank over 100 years ago.

    The rings have been a problem to source (47mm dia x 3mm) and after several attempts, some were located from a small engine repair establishment.

    There is a photo of the cylinder head which is made in two parts to allow machining of the cooling water space. Note, the valves are fitted into valve cages which are fitted internally before the two halves go together.

    Finally, if anyone has an interest in air blast diesel engines, I have now put together an extensive collection of books and photos which I am happy to pass on. Also, if anyone has any constructive comments regarding the project, I welcome them.

    Bruce W-S

    Western Australia

    DM 104 Flywheel.jpg

    DM 104 Engine Base.jpg

    DM 104 Cylinder Head.jpg

    DM 104 Cylinder Water Jacket.jpg

    DM 104 Valve Grinding.jpg

    DM 104 Rockers and Valves.jpg
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    Hi Bruce, I would be very interested in any other literature you have located. As you can see, "mine's bigger than yours"! This was just loosely stood up last week in preparation for a display.

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