A couple of Finished Engines - PMR 1 and an Elmer 14

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Jun 11, 2008
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Hello there. Here are pics of a couple of engines. The Elmer 14 is from 2016. The PMR 1 I finished last year, but only just got around to making a base for. Same on the Elmer actually - made the base last weekend.


IMG_0674 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0675 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0676 (Medium).JPG

And the Elmer:

IMG_0707 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0708 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0709 (Medium).JPG

Anyway, there we are. There are many examples of these but they are certainly good beginner engines, and there are aspects of the PMR #1 that require some head scratching and thought to get right.

This is a video of the PMR 1 under test:

And the Elmer from a long time ago:

Anyway there you have it. I'm currently working on a PMR #4, I'll put that in its own thread.


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