3" Rider Ericsson running not complete.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Crockett calif
I was gifted these castings and decided to tackle this project. It was a challenge due to the size.
Very little fit in the mill vice and table clamps used a lot.
The 13" flywheel was at the limit of my lathe a 10ee . the 7" cylinder was also a challenge because I have no steady rest for my lathe.
Fortunately a friend loaned me a tool post grinder and I managed to get a nice bore for the power piston.
These are just first run videos . any questions just contact me. I plan on making it living room beautiful with a good paint/polish
because I have no room in my zone. The engine pit.


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youtube link plus bla bla

Well, things I learned from final long term runs. The Hot tube is in direct contact with a propane burner and my silver soldered cap to the tube failed repeatedly.

All my fault. I use mapp gas and don't get hot enough but with two torches I get close enough(not). Finally I realize I don't have enough metal overlap at the joint.

But I try 3 or more times. I finally realize I need to switch to brazing. and a mere 2 more brazing tries I finally have an air tight hot tube. My other delay on a final

quality engine was the main cylinder to water jacket seal . I don't like to press fit a cylinder previously ground true into a under sized bore only to distort the cylinder.

So I used my favorite epoxy. But I didn't use enough. So I had to inject epoxy with the engine held upside down into the water jacket cylinder area and again reversed

in the normal orientation. Finally the 2 major problems from shakedown run 1 solved. Now just a bigger water pond and improved spray head .

Also I tried aluminum cans for a displacer piston. Not strong enough. I guess the hot tube is realy HOT. So I reverted to 1 steel soup can and 2 tomato sauce steel cans silver soldered together.

Together they make up the 10&3/4" displacer piston. Enough bla bla.

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