2” Scale Saturated Steam Tangye Build

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Jul 31, 2010
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I just received an early Christmas present. A set of castings and drawings for the Saturated Steam 2” scale Tangye. I have been wanting to build this engine for 40 years. I finally found a set of castings on a top shelf. Now to figure out where to start. Any input?

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I have decided to build the scale governor first. It has 61 line items with a total of 88 individual parts. It is a project just in itself. I will post the drawings once I have them scanned.

That's a nice looking engine (A big 'un for sure).

I'm looking forward to your build,

I'm looking forward to following the build Tim. As you know, I have the 1" scale kit yet to be started.

I have used 1144 dress proof steel in the past and really like the way in machines. So I decided to use it on this build. I ordered some different sizes from McMaster Carr in 3 foot lengths. It should be here Wednesday.

1144 is a medium carbon, resulphurized steel with good free-machining qualities and mechanical properties. Its high sulfur content makes this particular grade have a good machinability rating of 83% as compared to 1212 steel; welding though is difficult.

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