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Hi Lloyd: I have a simple mantra. "Just do it".
When I looked around at 3 blokes watching a boiler come up to pressure for the safety to operate, (1 in charge, 2 watching as it was their turn to take charge next), with 2 Club boiler inspectors and an experienced steam loco engineer watching and smiling - all silent for the first time in years - I realised that "just doing it" really works! And it felt like "the Club" should be after a few troubled years.
I'm sure it is not an uncommon experience, but it felt good. - When the safety valve lifted, the conversation started again... You'd have thought the baby had arrived!
A tip I learned in industry, while training hundreds of lads from the production line, is to introduce a deliberate gaff so the clever ones will spot it and show you to have erred. But often the "deliberate mistake" comes naturally to me. The best learning for them is the way you correct the matter. A joke about it sticks the point in their heads. And they remind you of it years later...
Tha gits owd wi'art gittin mornin' 'baht it. Bit o' mornin' gaets it off'r ya chist Ar reckons... Nowt lark a bit o' mornin' when tha feels owd...
Old English (Northern version?) still exists... then? (Wish I could de it). (Apologies to Yorkshire and Lancashire folk for my inadvertent corruption. I was taught "Queen's English by my Sunderland "Posh" Grandmother...!).
Keep us entertained with more "proper Yorkshire".
ah bart this un then- "tin tin tin" no prizes
RaulR: I noticed the website software "does na spake like tha' does".
It has changed the grammar, removing apostrophes, so becoming meaningless. (Compared to the original "t' in" in the prompt email - I'll see if that works...).
Of course, it is American software.. so changing the meaning of all the words in the English language is normal. If I were writing in pencil, I may need to use a rubber to make corrections to my spelling mistakes... but now the phone and computer often change the messages and use completely the wrong words when the correct one has been written. (Like my English teacher).

Tractor, Your carpal tunnel work has lasted better than all the cables doing the same job on my 1979 Guzzi... - That's what I call "technology" ... but I suppose Nature has had millenia to get the job right? Bowden cables invented in 1890s... Carpel tunnels go back before dinosaurs I guess? Neither like a sharp bend... as I found when I had Carpal tunnel syndrome from early use of a computer mouse... "Ouch!" - Missed a year of motorcycling while that recovered (couldn't grip the twist-grip or front brake).
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Well my dog had a big birthday, 15 years young, so she got a steak for lunch and a nice roast beef dinner later. Somebody, mentioning no names, was kind enough to buy her a D bit grinder in very used condition and we have an agreement that if I fix it up I can play with it. I, oops they, couldn't pass it up for 400 GB pounds.
We think that this is probably the dog's last birthday, as 15 is really really old for a Labradoodle and she obviously has trouble lying down and getting back up. She's got very clingy so I try to keep her company and as she won't go in the workshop as she once stood on a hot chip, that's staying in the house.