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Wanted WANTED in Maryland: Die filer- castings/advice.

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Mar 13, 2014
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Looking for die filer. I will consider an old machine that I can restore, a casting kit (finished/unfinished) or scratch build recommendations. Advice on what to look for and fair values.
Also I'm new to the hobby and would love to find mentors in Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania.
Thank you.
Here's one by Metal Lathe Accessories.


I built mine several years ago and it works great. It is a little more involved than the one Gary Martin sells. Either one will work and be a nice tool for you to have the rest of your life.

Good luck,
I built the MLA Die Filer. Fun to build and works great. Highly recommend.
Thanks guys for the advice. mcjustis, lovely machine. What electric motor and speed controller did you use? It looks quite tidy and I like the fact that you can slow it to a crawl. I gather it is a short stroke filer. Does that compromise its use?
Are the instructions for the MLA machine online anywhere?
Ottocycle, the motor came from my work. They were throwing it away so I repurposed it. It's got a 1inch stroke so it's been fine for me. I don't know that there are instructions for it anywhere. The plans come with it and the build is pretty straight forward.
Good luck,