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May 26, 2009
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Well, we got past 2022 disaster creating Hurricane, Hurricane Fiona, 2023 Spring drought, Forest Fires, Floods, and record Setting Summer of heat and rains here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Time to pull out the Tiny Power's twin cylinder steam engine plans kindly provided by a builder.

The plans are inaccurate as the builder pointed out. Several questions arise...not the least is my inexperience in building a full size enne capable of propelling a small craft.
If anyone has built or knows an owner of a W engine, could you let me know what size and number of steam passages feed each cylinder. The plans lack this detail.
my thanks!


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Nice looking castings !

From the Tiny Power website (a little background info on the "W" engine):

The kit is sold as castings and plans only, so you will need to obtain additional materials in order to complete the engine. Bore: 2"; Stroke: 2.25"; Shaft Size: .75"; Flywheel Diameter: 7"; Overall Height: 14.5"; Length Base: 11.25"; Width Base: 10"; Steam Inlet: 3/8" IP; Exhaust Pipe: 1/2" IP; Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.