V4 14.59 CI

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I finally got time to tinker with this and it runs fairly well. some adjustment is needed but the result is good. Fuel is pump gas.
the carb is a bit sensitive. its from a model airplane engine. Any thoughts on how to make it less sensitive?
two videos are here:

Very nice!
Can you talk a bit about your circulation pump. is it a gear pump design or? Looks like 2 stacked together, one serving each engine side of cylinders?
Also, your crankshaft caught my eye. The counterweight cutouts look the same on both ends, but the right one is thicker. Obviously for a reason. Can you elaborate?

The pump is made from the parts of two internal-gear fuel oil pumps from an oil burner. The chambers are separated by shaft seals.
There are two chambers; one is for coolant and the other is for oil.

The reason the crank isn't symmetrical is because of an error in locating the cylinders on the crankcase. An amateur mistake but accepting the asymmetry was easier than making a new crank case.


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