Tool and Cutter Grinder Drawings

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The two base castings for my Quorn were kindly cut for me out of 40mm boiler plate !
BaronJ , thank you very much for posting all those pic's & sorry for your troubles while posting . I don't think I have ever tried to post pic's here . I know some forums I'm in I can post pic's with my eyes closed . Others I just ask for a email add & send the pic's that way . Theres nothing more frustrating to me then some of the difficulties that end up in software design .
thanks again to all

Hi Animal12, Guys,

I used to have loads of pictures and drawings of the Brooks. Some are on backup discs and others are on CD's. If you want any explanation of the various parts just ask.

If there is a picture of something that you want a better look at let me know.