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Project of the Month Winner!!!
Project of the Month Winner
Dec 14, 2007
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Base and bearing standards By JoeD.

Cylinder shaft by me.


Thanks to Eric and Joe for getting the balance of the parts out to me. Every body who participated did a great job and everything fit together nicely.






Have fun!

Nice job Kevin!

As far as I know, this is the first and only running engine. I think I have enough to do mine.

Looks and runs great, Kevin.
Congratulations on another very successful build. The TB2 team did some nice work and that helped, but the real work was up to you.
I guess it's almost time for me to finish mine up. Hope it turns out as nice as yours.
Gail in NM
That's a beauty and a nice runner too!
That looks superb.

Obviously not one of the flywheels I made, and I never did hear from anyone that the ones I mailed got delivered.

Thanks a lot fellows.

It's a pretty neat little engine.

Gail, your HMEM engraving, really is the cherry on top. Thanks again.

Kvom, I received a 2" slug to make the fly wheel from, but I saw that cored out slug of brass in my scrap box and only had to chamfer it and make the Al insert. It's closer to 2 1/2"

I'm not exactly sure who's parts I received apart from Gail's cam ring and the pieces I received from JoeD directly. Thanks again to everyone who did a great job completing their parts. I wish all the other team members success in completing your builds.

Seeing one finished got me going. Finished mine today and it ran first time air was put to it. Nice engine. Thanks to everyone. Only thing changed was the flywheel for better visibility of rotating cylinder. Gary


Beautiful piece Gary. The flywheel looks great. Nice detail on the inlet too.
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