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Apr 16, 2012
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Well my friend who understand the black magic of sending pictures without postage is here to help me AGAIN. This is where I work on almost everything.

rogershop 002.JPG
Great shop Roger!!!

I really like the Monarch lathe!
Massive and solid looking!

Most of us dream of having so much space!!!

Very nice shop, Roger! Wish I had all that space.

But you seem to be missing some toys. Looks like you might be short a bike :)

ksouers: Maybe but I thought 11 would be enough. Roger
Almost afraid to ask about the mannequin parts on the workbench

- Ryan
Ryan: Repair work for the friend who helps me post pictures. She has a Ebay store for clothes and a really messed up mannequin.

Dave: Its a Millrite. It's on a rolling base so that I can put it where I need it.

And of course...the ubiquitous 10" Atlas....I ran the hell out of one of those!