vintage aviation gyroscope rebuild

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Hi @peterl95124
There are a few things I want to say
This thread is yours, you want it as you want it: it's fine
With my thread, a few side problem - but don't go too far - why shouldn't that be a problem for me!?
Because I know people are reading and interested in...what I'm doing, I know they care and worry about and health,...sometimes just a Joke relieves stress
I know they want to help, care,...and is that helpful to me!??? Sometimes yes and sometimes no but I always thank them with a "Thank you" or a "like".
With the diesel engine, I got a lot of help from a friend of mine - Very useful information - or simply that is possible.- although as far as I know he hasn't built any engines yet - does that sound crazy? But it is true !!!!!
As I said "Your thread "
Last post . If you don't like it, I will delete it.

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