q for friend project .steam locomotive ..

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Aug 14, 2016
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right now he is still in what to make , where to find stage
idea is that we together make close to real life but in max 500mm length
we did couple steam engines from free plans but to make some more complex we did not
so normally we need big help
which engine machine to pick for first one ?
that wasn't to difficult to build ,i mean we are big boys but looking pics of these big ones from late 1800
they just look to complex for build in small scale
and if possible to be free plans cause we have other idea to make ic engine v4 and these will cost i think
and this is hobby and we don't take pics and decorate engines to show ,,friend brother does but ,that is another story :)))
so anyone did some in small scale to give advices ?

i like 1868 American cp jupiter and mastodon that look same just bigger (4-4-0 vs 4-8-0 ) and southern 630

big thanks

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