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For Sale PSE - Polish Steam Engines - for sale

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Sep 8, 2021
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Dear forum members,

we are a small manufacturer of models from eastern Poland.
You can find more about us in another topic on our forum.

I would like to offer you our models of steam engines.

As you can see, we have quite a wide offer. We produce 6 different types of engines and additionally renew old Polish models.

models produced by us are made of brass. We make 90% of the elements ourselves. We use classic tools for production: milling machines, lathes, etc.)

1. School steam model - $630 (green, black, blue, grey)

2. Big vertical model - $600

3. Beam model - $550

4. Twin cylinder - $600

5. Normal vertical model - $250

6. Cross section model - $250 (dark-blue, blue, green)

7. Horizontal model - $280

8. Gothic mode; - $600

Models are made to order. The production time is 14 business days.

Here is a list of the countries to which we can currently ship our models:

1. All countries of the European Union;
2. Europe: Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine;
3. Asia: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Macau, Singapore;
4. North America: USA, Canada;
5. Austaralia.

I will answer every question.

[email protected]


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These are very attractive, congratulations.... However, I suspect you will not find a lot of sales here. This website is primarily devoted to people wanting to make models from castings, scratch, etc. It is not so much about purchasing models that are already made. This does not mean that you have not done a nice job of building yours though!

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