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    Vic Smeed Oscillating steam engine from the book "Boat Modeling"
  2. Nikhil Bhale

    Where to get next castings kit

    Hello After I completed my PM research #5 engine I have gained enough confidence to go for another engine. I have a PM research #1 kit with me. I am watching all the YouTube video currently being shown about machining the above engine. I was thinking of ordering a hot air engine casting kit...
  3. delalio

    Who likes Lattes or hot chocolate? I made a steam wand to fit to my steam engine - Foams milk beautifully!

    Follow the design and build of a Steam Wand for your steam plant / engine here: Comments and feedback welcome. I've several other videos there too. Let me know what you think. Kindest Regards, Delalio
  4. glue-itcom

    1/20th Scale Burrell

    I'm designing, drawing and building a 1/20th scale Burrell traction engine and thought I would share some details here as well as on my pages These are the rear wheels, rims machined from mild steel, spokes from 0.9mm thick brass. the wheels are 97mm in diameter (machined from 4 inch round bar)
  5. D

    scaling Steam path dimensions

    Hello I am planning on building a 4" scale compound steam engine. Changing the linear scale by 1/3 affects area by a factor of 1/9 and volume scale by 1/27. Physics doesn't scale so I am concerned that changing the linear scale may require modifications to the steam path dimensions...
  6. G

    Corless 1/4 scale steam engine castings

    I have a coles models corless steam engine castings and 11 page drawings for sale. Includes 29 castings base plate and flywheel shaft. This is 1/4 scale and weighs about 65 pounds. Asking $ 650.00
  7. cfellows

    Maudslay Brass Steam Engine Drawings

    Many thanks to John Mcclelland for producing these detail drawings of my Maudslay steam engine. He took the initiative to forge ahead using just pictures and a scattering of support files. Other than answering a few questions, very little help was required from me. Thanks again, John, for the...