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  1. rweber

    Exhibition "

    Dear engine enthusiasts, I am pleased to inform you that on October 13th, 2024 the exhibition “Modellmotore und Dampfmaschinen" (Model- and Steam Engines) will take place again at the "Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim". We are expecting numerous exhibitors again. Further information and...
  2. creast

    Horizontal twin cylinder slide valve steam engine

    Its been quite a while yet again. I have finally finished my second steam engine which is basically a Julius De Waal design slightly modified and as usual based on my addiction to doing cast parts from scrap materials which is either Brass or Aluminium. Those parts which were fully machined were...

    A new model on the horizon - PSE

    Here are photos of our vertical model. As you can see this underdeveloped prototype. We are very serious about improving this model and the quality of workmanship. Later we want to introduce this model for sale. Luckily, these are just old photos of the old prototype. We need to refine this...
  4. D

    need help for 7 1/4 quarry hunslet cylnder's

    hello I have a 7 1/4 quarry hunslet but I cant afford the cylinder castings. I was thinking about making them out of some mild steal pipe and sheet as I'm going to be running it on compressed air until I can get a boiler for it, but if I can make some cylinders that will work with compressed air...
  5. Tim_Eickschen

    In search of duplex steam pump blueprints

    I'm looking for blueprints for a third scale and/or half scale duplex steam water pump or equivalent pump. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  6. R

    Help: Looking for a Boiler for this 3 cylinder steam engine

    你好, i'm looking for a boiler for this 3 cyl steam engine for my boat. but i have no idea which boiler matches it. and I can't find the right boiler for it. any suggestion. thanks in advance.

    For Sale PSE - Polish Steam Engines - for sale

    Dear forum members, we are a small manufacturer of models from eastern Poland. You can find more about us in another topic on our forum. I would like to offer you our models of steam engines. As you can see, we have quite a wide offer. We produce 6 different types of engines and additionally...
  8. glue-itcom

    Tiny Oscillating Engine

    My dad (Roy Louis Taylor) made this miniature oscillating engine years ago and I found it hidden away in a cabinet. It does run on compressed air, but would benefit from a tidy up. It might have inspired me to have a go at making a miniature oscillating engine.
  9. IMG_9011.JPG


    Vic Smeed Oscillating steam engine from the book "Boat Modeling"
  10. Nikhil Bhale

    Where to get next castings kit

    Hello After I completed my PM research #5 engine I have gained enough confidence to go for another engine. I have a PM research #1 kit with me. I am watching all the YouTube video currently being shown about machining the above engine. I was thinking of ordering a hot air engine casting kit...
  11. delalio

    Who likes Lattes or hot chocolate? I made a steam wand to fit to my steam engine - Foams milk beautifully!

    Follow the design and build of a Steam Wand for your steam plant / engine here: Comments and feedback welcome. I've several other videos there too. Let me know what you think. Kindest Regards, Delalio
  12. glue-itcom

    1/20th Scale Burrell

    I'm designing, drawing and building a 1/20th scale Burrell traction engine and thought I would share some details here as well as on my pages These are the rear wheels, rims machined from mild steel, spokes from 0.9mm thick brass. the wheels are 97mm in diameter (machined from 4 inch round bar)
  13. dazz

    scaling Steam path dimensions

    Hello I am planning on building a 4" scale compound steam engine. Changing the linear scale by 1/3 affects area by a factor of 1/9 and volume scale by 1/27. Physics doesn't scale so I am concerned that changing the linear scale may require modifications to the steam path dimensions...
  14. G

    Corless 1/4 scale steam engine castings

    I have a coles models corless steam engine castings and 11 page drawings for sale. Includes 29 castings base plate and flywheel shaft. This is 1/4 scale and weighs about 65 pounds. Asking $ 650.00
  15. glue-itcom

    Transitional Engine

    I've been making this engine for a long time, mostly down to the fact that the design is in my head and not on paper. 20190310_163040 by glue-itcom posted Apr 7, 2019 at 7:59 AM The basic idea is that it is a steam engine converted to run on gas and so something from around the late 1800's in...
  16. cfellows

    Maudslay Brass Steam Engine Drawings

    Many thanks to John Mcclelland for producing these detail drawings of my Maudslay steam engine. He took the initiative to forge ahead using just pictures and a scattering of support files. Other than answering a few questions, very little help was required from me. Thanks again, John, for the...