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For Sale Oliver Die Filer and 6 Inch Rotary Table both for sale

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Mar 27, 2022
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Erie, PA
I am in the process of retiring and downsizing a bit. These two items will be too large for my new shop. I have attached photos of the following items for sale:

1) Oliver Die Filer which I acquired a few years ago which I planned on cleaning up and doing some restoration, repainting etc. I contacted the Oliver company in Michigan and they confirmed that the machine was shipped to their New York distributer in 1926. The machine runs very smoothly. I am asking $150.00 for this machine.

2) Six Inch Rotary table H/V with sector plates: I acquired this rotary table a number of years ago anticipating that I was going to acquire a mill larger than mini-mill. My father and I both acquired the same rotary table at that time. I used his and made a number of items in his shop including zeroing dials. It was very accurate. This rotary table have never been used and is still in grease. I am asking $150.00 for the rotary table and the attachments.

These two items are very heavy so they will probably have to be picked up in Erie, Pennsylvania. My e-mail address is [email protected].