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Sep 4, 2017
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I'm looking to build this for a hand drawn steam fire engine project I'd like to make. I will be having a boiler technician and a guy who has been building boilers and parts for them for over 30 years helping me with it. I'd prefer to do a vertical fire tube at 20 inches in diameter because they are bulletproof but wouldn't be opposed to a Ofeldt either in the same diameter shell. I hope the picture goes threw but I included plans for the Ofeldt to show what I'd build instead. I live in New York and I also need to know what insurance and certs I'd need to have as well thanks ahead of time!

What will be your substitute for the asbestos?
You may want to read through this online document regarding obtaining a licence for a high pressure boiler before you proceed. If you get in touch with them I would imagine they can also give you advice on what insurances you need to hold, and what inspection tickets are required.

You meet one of the criteria for holding a licence, you were/are employed as a fireman for NY. :)

Insulation is a good point. A ceramic material is available now instead of the asbestos lining that would have been used. Can be supplied as a sheet, or solid formed block, ie formed to the curved shape of your boiler.

I've got to say I like the spiral tube design within the fire box. Should raise pressure quick. You also need to make sure that they will be a water tank or supply line close by to maintain the water level. But I'm sure your friend will know this already :) will be following your progress sounds an interesting project.
Well I'm open to options of any sort. I need a boiler big enough to supply steam to two ray hasbrouck number one engines for a steam fire engine project I'd like to get started on

Caveat emptor? Let the buyer beware?

A document, needing to be signed by you and notarized, stating the neither you, your relatives, your neighbors, or any passers-by, or their friends and relatives, can sue him - before you get the boiler. One that is valid for eternity?

Or maybe just a simple document, again signed by you and notarized, stating that YOU are accepting ALL responsibility for the design, construction, and maintenance of this boiler - before you get the boiler?

Or then again maybe the builder hasn't thought about his liability? Or he just doesn't care about getting sued?

Yes I'd steer clear of that one, any boiler manufacture, even guys in the shed, will make sure the boiler meets requirements, and comes certified. Usually they will also offer some back up support too. In the form of showing you how to go about firing their masterpiece, cleaning it, and general maintenance that will be needed to ensure safe and long service life.

Good job your a fireman! Did you check that link I posted about the regulations ECT for the state of new york? Looks like you've a lot of form filling to do.

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