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Hello Folks,I am back on the Holbrook and feeling much better, thanks to all the well wishers, really appreciate your concern!Week two (or rather three days) of work on the Holbrook lathe some bits arrive, and we find signs of tailstock abuse, but as usual it is press on and fix them all!Phil, in bitterly cold East Yorkshire,Tell Greta I want a refund!!
Sorry guys, no video thiis week, awoke with covid on monday morning, much better now, but still not work fit! Hope to get back on Tuesday!
Good news! I have today tested negative for covid, so will go back to the workshop to carry on installing the new heating next Monday! Normal service will be resumed on the following Saturday at 4PM! Feeling a lot better but still got the hangover cold that my brother was suffering from when I caught it off him.......maybe, who really knows!
Thanks for your patience!
A short week, as will be next week, but no less interesting I hope! I attempt a fix on a linear acutator in a rise and fall column for a piece of opticians equipment, and then on to the workshop heating. I find all the plumbing bits I need and build the heat exchanger for the ducted air heating in the workshop!
Phil, in STILL cold and wet East Yorkshire
I too have gone through similar types of illness.
You have a much bigger and varied workshop and I wish I could refurbish lathes like you can.
I am currently making a 1.5 inch to the foot Ransome and Marles Thresher and still have a long way to go.
All the best Graham
Thanks Graham!
I am over the worst but still coughing a bit, though it is getting better! Refurbing lathes is a matter of pulling them to bits, painting them, and then repairing all the broken bits as you put them back together. Lathes and milling machines were made on lathes and milling machines, and every day is a school day!!
Thanks for the reply!!
Hi Folks,
A very short week of one day! due to busy commitments on all other fronts, but next week should be a full one! I finalise the design for the heat exchanger and get it about 3/4 finished. Amazing how these back of the head designs suddenly come together and start to make sense!
Phil, Still wet and cold in East Yorkshire