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Hi Phil... Looking goodđź‘Ť Bear in mind i'm not a farmer (a man outstanding in his field;)), but im pretty sure that doing it the way you are really needs a front topper. With your rear one you do it driving in reverse to get the whole width of cut without ruining the front of the tractor until its short enough. This will also allow you to reverse up to the slope and let the topper drop down the slope using the jockey wheel.

Hmmm - - - - re: 'ruining the front of the tractor' well - - - then a couple of points.
1. You've let things grow up too much already - - - should have done things earlier
2. Tractors were built to work - - - - not just to look pretty (aka automobiles - - - primary function is to look pretty - - - - a tertiary function is its trasportative functions).

If you have such large brushes that there could be equipment damage - - - - well then you are using either the wrong equipment or the wrong control system.

(One who was involved in the clearing of brush some 30 to 45' tall from quite a few acres - - - - grin - - - didn't use no Fordson though - - - - would have taken far too long - - - lol.)
Hi, Problem was we didnt have the tractor ready for work till last week,, and cutting the area yoyu saw in the video took about 30 minutes of actual work. we knew there was nothing under the brambles as it had been clear grass before, and only we have access to it, we always check under any areas of growth for wildlife before we cut it!
The tractor was a choice of, do I estore it or do I use it as it is? Well the tinwork was litterally falling off the machine, and so I decided to restore it, did it take longer than I thought, well don't all restorations? did I go overboard with the paint? well every part went for sandblasing, and since paint is not cheap it makes sense to do it properly and try to get a decent finish on it, it is a lot better on camera than it is in real life, but I can't stand using rusty dirty machinery! There were faults that would have quickly caused problems if I had put it straight to work, It had no filter elements in the oil or diesel systems, the brakes were in a dangerous state and the front tyres were badly perished, add to that very stiff and sloppy steering, and the fact it has to be used on a short road trip, and I really thought I should have it done right! I do not have a bottomless budget, I would love a skid steer with a front mounted brush cutter, but tbh some of the hills we have to go up and down it is a lot safer with a wideer tracked vehicle!
Thanks for the comment!
Hi All,
A short showery week, but we made inroads into having useful and reliable machinery to use in the field! I find a major problem( but easily solved) with the throttle set up on the Toro tractor, and the dodgy clutch is fixed to perfection! I fit (another) new starter, and various other problems which have shown up during "field trials". Then we finish the framing and boarding on the trailer, but first we fix the puncture!
Windy and wet in East yorkshire with even a few snowflakes!
Hi All, A good week of field work including pulling stumps and removing the much hated snowberry! Weather has been good till Friday when the heavens opened Thursday night, and it just kept rainind. After a hot and humid afternoon the heavens opened for a 20 minute downpour early evening. Keith was getting ready for Angelas trip to Germany to judge at a dog show, so we scrapped all thoughts of getting any usefull work done on Friday, and I went off to the Electrical wholesalers with my bro to get the gear to wire the shed, or as mike calls it, The British legion Hall Keith and Angela will return Monday afternoon, so we will be back at it Tuesday, but the weather doesnt look good!
Phil, in rainy steamy East Yorkshire!
Hi All, I was off sick with my non covid ailment again, could be the OSR pollen which fills the air at the moment, or could be just hay fever, there is a high pollen count at the moment, and it always makes me flu-ish for a couple of days! I get the wiring of the mains to disboards finished in the "shed" at Cambrai Covers, and then Friday I get to spend some time in the workshop, and make a start on the latest machine lamp!
Phil, in wet and windy (again) East Yorkshire.
Hi all! Another week of mainly field work with a quick few repairs in the workshop, the Toro tractor is running well now and although the exhaust comes off at one point, it is an easy repair, and also a permanent one!the only problem now is the self closing throttle, which is a pain, and it still tends to set off a bit suddenly as the clutch is released, more adjustment needed, but it is doing really good work at the moment! We get a bit of a surprise when we look into one of our unused tin sheds!! We have given the bramble area another closer cut and also the grass, and all is looking really good, we haven't finished yet,, but the end is in sight!
Phil, in cloudy but hot East Yorkshire.
Hi all! Another week of fun and Jollity in the blazing sun!, we have a burn, and then start to prepare the new dog run it the field, it is all beginning to take shape and become tidy, although the battle with the spring growth is ongoing the whole place looks so much better. We willl finish the new kennel block next week, and then it is back onto the remaining clearing of the brambles near the entrance and up the hill! Another few weeks and I can crawl back into the workshop and lick my wounds! Actually, both physically and mentally I feel so much better than I was a few months ago! Phil, in very warm and sunny East Yorkshire
Hi all! A week of persistent breakdowns, caused by lack of maintenance, misuse and general daftness on my part! I had a feeling the Fordson radiator was leaking again, and as I was cutting the grass with it it began to overheat slightly, and then the governor failed!! Unfortunately when a Simms vacuum governor fails, the pump suddenly goes flat out and gives the engine as much fuel as it can! So the engine goes to max revs, a huge cloud of black smoke comes out of the exhaust. I grabbed the stop button and when all had come to a halt, started it again with the same result! nothing to do but leave it in the middle of the field and go and order the parts. We got it fixed and fitted the new radiator, but it started on three cylinders,, and sounded a bit rough, but came onto 4 as soon as I drove it and remained on 4 even at tickover. Time will tell if there is any permanent damage, and if there is, I will fix it! Phil
Hi all! We continue with the kennel building, and finally get the measure of it! The first thing you do with any sort of construction, is start from a level site! There are no level sites in Langtoft so we have to build level(ish) on a slope, but using square front galve bar panels with doors in, which means we get the effect of terraced houses that run up a hill, each is higher than the last! Once we complete the first one and get some diagonal strenghteners in, it all falls into place, and continues apace Tuesday we go to Millington woods for my wifes Birthday treat, and spend a wonderful after noon almost by ourselves in woodland so secluded we almost failed to find it! The only other people there happened to be, coincidentally, one of my Daughters uni mates, and a fun day out was had by all!
Phil, in cloudy but warm East Yorkshire.
Hi all! It has been really hot, so if I don't make a lot of sense through the video it is the heat getting to me! 30 deg C on Friday, and we gave up trying to work!We salvaged a load more wood and cleared more mess up to get it! Kennel number 1 is complete less roof, and we are going for a finish in the cooler weather forecast for next week. We are both exhausted!
Phil, in sweltering East Yorkshire.
Another very hot week of field work on the kennels, which thank the lord are nearing completion! Now we know the construction method we can get straight on to construction without too much thinking time! Enjoy my cab ride in the engine at the Yorkshire Wolds railway! Unlike most heritage railways, this one has been rebuilt in an empty field where there used to be a railway line from Driffield to Malton, no taking over an existing line and rolling stock fror these true enthusiasts, they started with nowt and have created a railway out of it! Look them up @YWRailway and come for a look and a ride! Tell them I sent you!!
Phil, in sweltering Torremalangtoft!
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Actually it is posted on youtube, what I provide here is a link to it, which I have been posting on this forum for at least the past two and a half years, and getting good feedback from members of this forum, if you don't like it, don't watch it!
Hi all! A week of steamy tropical humidity, not easy to work in, and we had to struggle on! Days missed due to rain and hospital appointments, But still we persevere! This week we have the luxury of a cameraman for a day, so you get to see me and cousin Keith actually working! If we don't get this project finished by next friday we will both go insane, , some would say it is far too late for that, others would throw there hands in the air and wander off muttering under their breath, I seem to do a lot of muttering lately...... Phil, in the East Yorkshire rain forest, slowly steaming!
I enjoy a wide variety of topics posted on this forum, including some very obscure ones.

I think there is a filter here somewhere, where you don't have to see everything everyone posts.

Please everyone be courteous here.
If you don't like what is being posted, find the filter and turn off your view of it.

We have a great group here.
Lets live and let live, and not exclude anyone or anyone's content that does not interest us, because it may interest others (like me).

Thanks very much.

Pat J
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I agree with yhou hermetic, if you don't like it, don't watch. I used to watch your stuff, but the only thing i found interesting was the stuff you had about your stoves and how you heated your shop (which I would surely like to have). But the rest doesn't interest me . . . so . . . I no longer watch your posts.
I agree with yhou hermetic, if you don't like it, don't watch. I used to watch your stuff, but the only thing i found interesting was the stuff you had about your stoves and how you heated your shop (which I would surely like to have). But the rest doesn't interest me . . . so . . . I no longer watch your posts.
I find myself in the field, trying to make up for the neglect we have inflicted on it in the last 5 years or so, but I will be back in the workshop as soon as I can, if it is any consolation most of the stuff I am doing at the moment doesn't interest me either!, It just unfortunately has to be done!!
Hi all! Another week of steamy tropical humidity, not easy to work in, but we had to struggle on! Days missed due to plasterboarding the ceiling at home on Monday, and forgetting my camera Tuesday! We finally move the tenants into kennel #1, and thus free up the last pair of metal bars to complete #3. Friday we finally crack and go to town to buy more fence rails which are our main constructional timber, based on the realisation that we can save much time and sweating by not having to make do and mend with our dwindling supply of 12' lengths! We get a bargain by buying up some "wonky" ones as well at half price, as the chicken run fence steps down a slope so will have to be done with six foot lengths! We may yet need more roof sheets, but we will know that next week!
Phil in steamy but glorious East Yorkshire.
Hi All, Crazy crazy weather, June was flaming, as its legend goes, and now July is overcast, chilly and wet! We dance between the rain and get in a good week! The roof is finished, the wire is finished, but the rain comes down friday afternoon and we don't get the plastic sheets on. No matter, now we are so close to complete we can taste freedom again! Next week, plastic sheets on, gutter on, and finally felt the roof, but we have to get the felt, nails and compound first!
phil, in Damp miserable East Yorkshire
Hi All, The Kennels are finished all bar the roof felt, and are fully occupied, so we move on to the Chicken run, then it rained, and rained! July is monsoon season in East Yorkshire! We get most of the chicken run fence completed, and I do some workshop repairs which involve.......water pumps! I manage to get quite wet in the workshop!. Never mind, we are all moving forwards!
Phil, in monsoon struck East Yorkshire!

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