Morse tape in lathe.

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Sep 26, 2020
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If you're going to quote Tony you might as well just do it verbatim.

My own limited experience with the lathe was motor/pulley alignment. Do get it right. The variable speed mechanism depends on following the installation directions to the letter.
If you think to skip the details or are sure you know better, I'll watch (and sell tickets).

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My only recollection of operating the lathe was it worked best near soaked in lube, just short of tossing it all over the place.
I've been called on to repair several gearboxes over the years but I never heard exactly what caused the damage. When the QCGB does go however it's a mess. Maybe someone could elaborate as I'm curious.
I am somewhat surprised by some of your comments/tone. I have owned the lathe for 45+ years and have never had any trouble of any kind except for one item and that was the dealer's fault. I had paid extra to have it wired for 220 but when it arrived it was 110 and that was incorrectly wired with the wrong components. I had to rewire with the correct components.

Mechanically, I have never had an issue and still do not. I just wanted to know what the spindle taper is in case I lose the adapter.

Sorry that your ticket sales may not be what you hoped for.

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Aug 26, 2009
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I'm going to chime in again. Thinking back to when I bought my Rockwell lathe, I remember finding a single 4C collet in the cabinet and being able to fit it directly into the spindle bore without any adapter. I called one of the East Coast US machinery dealers (Meridian?, Plaza?) and he said there was a 4C body dead center that fit the Rockwell bore. It was exactly what was needed. I ended up finding various 4C collets on eBay and making a hand wheel type closer.
My suggestion would be to find a 4C collet and try it.

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