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Nov 2, 2008
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Hello all , I have for sale 3 different sets of model engine casting kits, I would like to sell the whole lot as one. I can only do Pay-Pal as I do not deal with any banks. I thought I would give it a go here before going to EBay. Thanks Chris

1) Complete set of castings for the Economy Hit and Miss engine , everything you need to build this engine is here. Includes drawings

2) Casting kit for the Bob Shores Silver Angle , all castings and drawings nothing else.

3) The aluminum casting set for the Panther Pup with drawings

4) Complete set of reproduction tether car castings for the Dooling front drive second series race car. 700.00 , payment by pay-pal only

I am asking 700.00 ( payment by pay-pal ) for all of the model engine casting kits and that includes shipping only in the United States , all other locations out side the U.S. will be charged extra for shipping.

The Tether car casting set is everything you need less engine and no drawings , this is one of Herb Singes reproductions of the famous Dooling Brothers Front Drive second series gas powered race car.





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