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For Sale Minnie 1inch scale traction engine 90% complete

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Apr 8, 2014
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This Minnie was started in the 1980s by a gent in the UK and has a boiler certificate. I bought it as a project from a steam engine new and used resale business in the UK in 2016 and spare parts from PM and Blackwells, and to date have invested 2,000 dollars in it.I have the Blackwells scale plans and the Minnie book by LC Mason as part of the package. The model still needs some work: fabricate a butane burner, castings are there for a mechanical pump kit if desired, chain on and set up the steering gear, get the steam trunk working, timing and tuning, pressure sealing, final sealing, outer casings on the boiler if desired, painting and aesthetics . The motion gear goes round quite smoothly, fitting is everything with these models. Weighs about 35 pounds so would be a big deal to ship outside North America. Happy to send photos of this lovely Minnie. Please e mail for images and more information.
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