Looking for photo & drawings on Flame / Candle Engine.

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Feb 12, 2009
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Clovis Ca
Looking for photo and drawings on Flame / Candle Engine.

My next project is going to a flame 🔥 engine and looking for data and drawings

Could try pop-pop engine, sterling engine, steam engine, many run on a candle or external heat source.
Hello SmithDoor...I saw someone mention "Poppin" so I looked to see if I still had an extra copy of Live Steam Magazine for November 1980 in which the article on Poppin appeared. Regrettably I have only one copy left, but Live Steam can probably supply a reprint. I no longer have the original engine - it was sold about 30 years ago when we were building our little retirement home and the sale covered the cost of adding an extra 2 feet to the main room!

Later I made two other vacuum engines; "whiffin" which is a smaller version of Poppin. and most recently the much larger "Gulppin" made around an air compressor cylinder.

WHiffin copy.jpg Gulppin copy.png


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