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Dec 6, 2021
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Auckland, New Zealand
I'm looking for my second steam engine to build, I've done a little wobbler but now I'm looking to make something more advanced. I was going to make the Quayle 16-16H (Quayle Engine Kit 16-16H) but I wasn't able to buy just the plans and ild rather not buy the whole kit when I have it all in bar stock. I'm looking for an engine made from bar stock, a horizontal engine, double-acting. in terms of machines, I have a lathe (with a milling attachment) a horizontal band saw and a drill press. for hand tools, I've got the typical basic metalworking tools (files hacksaw, angle grinder, etc)
Any recommendations?
It runs on compressed air without any issue, with steam it leaks a lot (gaskets should be added). The parts are very tiny and a lot of people think that it is easier to go for a bigger size first.
I learned about the size opinion after finishing it, so it is too late for me :). ( I like the small size anyway, video shows it running on very low compressed air without any gasket or piston ring )

Elmers Engine appeared to be a proven design, had no trouble to get it running. It was my second engine. I started with a myfordboy steam engine, which seems to be a good beginners choice.

Greetings Timo


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