Local Indusrial History??

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Tin Falcon

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Jul 9, 2007
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The idea for this thread was inspired by a couple of others. But I thought it would be cool for folks to post about the industrial history of their local area. Maybe a well known company that has gone out of business or one that has been there for a hundred plus years and still going. A museum or state or national park perhaps. Maybe a place grandpa worked.
So lets see some photos , links local legend family stories or whatever. There is a lot of cool stuff out there that the rest of us may like to see.
Located on 235 acres along the banks of the Brandywine River in Wilmington, Delaware,hagley is the site of the gunpowder works founded by E. I. du Pont in 1802. This example of early American industry includes restored mills, a workers' community, and the ancestral home and gardens of the du Pont family.

The museum includes a mid 1800s line shaft machine shop.

So lets ee where this goes??