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Hi Gus,

My wife thinks I gone nuts spending hours run these mini engines.

You are lucky! My wife knows!

Regards Tony,

Tony you got me badly hooked . Will find time to build one of this mini boats with boiler & engine. At 14 ,Gus was too poor to buy boat kit which cost $20 which was big money in 1957. Using plywood and balsa sheets and some imagination sketched on paper,i somehow built a 10'' O.L. basic harbour craft/half cabin boat with super structure and balsa sides. Put in a recycled electric motor and propeller and it did run around the pond. The HeadMaster was impressed. Gave it away to my girl friend when I left boarding school. Same girl friend now 70 refuse to give back to me.Ha ha:rant:

Possibly why I ended buy buying a real lookalike Albin 28 Half Cabin Boat.;) See Alvatar.
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