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Jun 2, 2017
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Posted in my "How to set up a Distributor thread", but maybe all you Howell V4 builders will see this and be able to help me out.

I Need some help understanding something...

In the V4 plans, on sheet #63 it shows this:

The rotor viewed from top rotates clockwise. I rotated engine CCW from flywheel end of engine and the magnet disk rotates clockwise just like plans say.

It also says firing order is 1-4-3-2.


If the hall sensor( in pic where wires are) is being triggered by #1 magnet and magnet disk is rotating clockwise, wouldn't the next magnet to be triggered be magnet #2 according to sheet #63?

So on the magnet disk, should 4 change to 1, 1 change to 4, 2 change to 3, and 3 change to 2? That would make firing order 1-4-3-2? Or am I totally wrong?

Thanks for any input
i just went out to look at mine. My wires are arranged 1-4-3-2 just like in Jerry's diagram. I think what's confusing you is that his diagram is showing the towers on the distributor and not the magnets on the disk. In other words, the you need to change numbers on the magnets you Sharpied on the disk. They aren't the same as the tower numbers. (In all honesty, I was confused also.) - Terry

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