Horizontal twin cylinder slide valve steam engine

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Feb 18, 2013
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Its been quite a while yet again. I have finally finished my second steam engine which is basically a Julius De Waal design slightly modified and as usual based on my addiction to doing cast parts from scrap materials which is either Brass or Aluminium.
Those parts which were fully machined were also from cast bar stock made from mainly plumbing fittings.
In fact over 95% of the materials used were from scrap melted down. Only the cranks and push rods were bought steel, oh and the oilite bearings purchased too.
I changed the design in quite a few areas and added a inspection hatch on the valve chest to aid timing.
Like many plans there are often errors and better ways to achieve to same end result which I did but I am quite happy with the result even though some castings I left as just fettled.



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