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Nov 11, 2018
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I have been a long time lurker of this forum for many years and finally decided about a year ago to sign up. Nearly all of HMEMs members do not realize it, but most of you have transformed me into what I am today.

Im 30 years old and have always had a keen interest in small engines. It all started when my father would find old lawn mowers for me to take apart and put back together. Next, when I was able to get my first job at 16, I started buying recreational vehicles and doing the same. From putting over-sized jugs on honda atc 70ccs to a complete transmission rebuild on a Honda CR500 due to a broken transmission gear and shaft. Over the course of three years I had right around 20 bikes, trikes, and quads with no more than two at one given time. Thankfully I had a truck at the time!

Within that three year time frame I had an awesome opportunity to job shadow a well seasoned machinist in my very home town, who got me very interested in machining. I would reconstruct drawings, and help out with assembly of components, anything more was just an insurance claim waiting to happen. So I started to lose interest with the shadowing because it wasn't fulfilling what I wanted, between work, school , family, etc...I wanted to machine things I wanted to build. I now knew what hmem was and was drooling over all of the insane engines, setups, capabilities you all have demonstrated. I now have found what I want to do in life.

At this time I had already enrolled into college for machine tool. My first year went by, worked all summer, came back to college with one thing in mind. I'm going to build a webster. To make a long story short (hah, yeah), I completed the entire webster engine within 6 months. I ran it for a whole 5 minutes on glow ignition and was nothing the less satisfied with my extracirriculum project. It has not been run since that time, 10 years ago and now sits in pieces under my bed, due to a current, recently finished project.

I landed a great, full filling job, gave it my all and still do to this day. I have to give credit to the hmem community for fueling my desire to become a machinist. I apologize for the lengthy autobiography....Hello and thank you all!
Love your story ShuttleX. I'm sure you will like to be in here as I do. I'm felling very welcome and everybody is so incredibly willing to help out and share their experience. This is really like a High School, a social club and entertainment in one.
It would be nice to see some pictures of your Webster.