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Jon Zwicker

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Sep 29, 2023
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Hello I’m new to this group and I have a question
I just purchased one of the 1/4 scale Galloway casting kits and prints originally sold by Mr Shelley several years ago. If I remember correctly it seems that I read somewhere that there were some errors in the original prints and someone had corrected the errors, I’m hoping that one of you can help me find out what these were or who to contact that could possibly help me before I start to machine the castings
Thanks Very Much
Jon Zwicker
Hi Jon,

I built the quarter scale Galloway from Richard Shelly castings and prints. This has been some time ago, but all I recall was the cam. It seems the drawing did not match the dimensions. I believe the dimensions were correct. I'd check but I'm away from my drawings. The castings were good and it was a fun build. Richard was a great fellow.

He also released an improved fuel mixer casting that was better than the one I got with the castings. Not sure which one you have. I still have the casting as I fabricated my mixer. If your casting is the old style, you are welcome to mine.


Many years ago Ministeam (Columbus, Ohio) bought the rights and remaining castings for the Galloway engines from the Shelly's. After a large investment they updated the patterns and core boxes and found someone to produce castings. One of the owners contacted me to build one each of the four Galloway doing so I found that the drawings were outdated (fractional inches) and hard to read so it was agreed that I would update all the drawings except the 1/4 scale. Those were done by a fellow builder and are of very high quality. It's my understanding that the casting part of the business became overwhelming so it was discontinued. I might be wrong about that. In any case Ministeam should still have drawings available for the Galloway engines.i would first contact them because the drawings are their property.
Hi George,

I recently tried to contact Ministeam via email, specifically about the 1/8th scale Galloway drawings I redid for them and some other questions, never got a response. Have you been able to contact them recently?

Doug is a member of MEM forum, you may be able to PM him from there but he has nor been active for quite a while. Also a member here I think, again last active when trying to sell off patterns.

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