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Sold FS: Shop made tool post grinder (in USA) from an estate

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Jun 26, 2022
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united states
this is a small tool post grinder made from what I think is probably WWII era surplus stuff - the box is from some kind of restaurant equipment ("roaster"), the motor and control look like military surplus - see motor tag for motor details - to make this easy, I had a power supply sitting around that will power the motor nicely (It's probably from a printer or laptop) - I had opened the power supply up because a cable had failed. the photos show it all hooked together, so it works, you will want to add a reversing switch (the power supply is nice clean DC power) - I can explain how to do that if you don't know. I don't want to mess with this, I am trying to keep the price as low as possible for you folks. - I did spray some paint on the box (except the bottom) just to dress it up a bit - a nice red lightning bolt on the top would look cool (make your own stencil and spray it). What I would do if I was going to keep it is to add an IEC power connector to the box (I can provide one), unsolder the power leads (yellow) from the power supply and connect them to the IEC connector, mount the reversing swtich somewhere convenient and add a low voltage connector pair so I could unplug the motor from the box to put everything nicely inside. you don't have to do most of that if you don't want to - the plastic case for the power supply will protect it (and you) electrically so I would keep that.

$55 plus shipping - it weighs 10.5 pounds, it will fit in a medium flat rate box (under $15 in the USA). I'm going to offer this in some other venues as well, so whomever asks first will get it and then I'll scrabble around to cancel the other listings. Yes, I will ship overseas but I think you would be better served not paying international shipping and making your own from local parts. The photos show you how to hook it up and stuff, please ask any questions. (chuck key and grinding stuff, as shown, included, the little tin in the corner has smaller (Dremel sized) stones and stuff and is a very cool 1940s era antacid box)



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