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Jan 11, 2021
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Seattle WA
Just a series of unfortunate events.

Shipment was never delivered, until it was, twice.
After experiencing an undeliverable shipment notification 3 weeks after expected delivery I was accused of theft.
The original shipper sent another and it arrived the same day the lost and delayed package did.
I was again accused of theft.
I used another service to send one of the duplicate shipments back at my expense.
FedEx then demanded I show them both shipments to prove I wasn't a thief even though the shipper had acknowledged receipt of the returned duplicate.
I eventually had to show a FedEx representative the received shipment I had kept, at which point local law enforcement was told that was proof of the theft?! I was a little confused as I had never filed an insurance claim, the shipper had. The shipper had never investigated me as a "buy one get one free" scam . In fact I deal with this business to this day.
FedEx was doing due diligence to protect their customers from fraud and had started the investigation on their own.


Shipment was undeliverable. Address (that does not exist) reported that she had not lived there in at least two years.
In fact she had never lived there as the address does not exist.
FedEx took it upon themselves to pick an address out of thin air, one that she had not used in 13 years, and send the shipment to her estranged (deranged) soon to be ex husband. Good job FedEx. Send a package to her psychotic ex with our address on it?!
The refund was only some small consolation.


A piece of metal. A piece of metal, 6061 , 2 inch OD x 1" ID x.500 wall x 24" long.
Listed as destroyed in shipping and refund applied.
However the shipper was out the sale and the piece of metal and was never compensated.
He swears I scammed him and will never do business with me again.

Of the most recent unavoidable contact I've had with FedEx
Late (5)
Damaged (4)
Delivered to wrong address (3)
Delivered to neighbor (2)
Someone else's package delivered to me (3)
Package thrown at my feet, I went out to get a package from a driver who looked up and saw me approaching and threw the package at my feet and curiously, calmly, got on the truck and left.

It got to the point where I'd have them hold for pickup. After being told that the package was there for pickup three days in a row only to go there and hear "what package?" I gave up on that too.

I will not do business with anyone or any business that insists on using FedEx.

Finally I found the one thing she wanted for her birthday and of course , FedEx. It's late.

I am done.

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