Faceplate for Weiss WBL250F, 8.66" (200mm)

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Dec 27, 2020
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Arizona, USA
My Weiss WBL250F lathe didn't include a faceplate, so I've been looking for one that would be an exact fit or could be made fit with minor modifications and or an adapter.

The Weiss WBL250F spindle nose pilot is 52mm OD, with 3ea clearance holes on 75mm PCD for 8mm studs.

Just by chance I was checking the LMS website and noticed that they had "Faceplate, G0516 Combo Lathe Mill - CLOSEOUT". Pn. 2499.

It turns out the Grizzly G0516 Combo Lathe Mill faceplate has a 52mm ID pilot and 3ea 10mm studs on a 75mm PCD.

So I ordered a faceplate and it's a perfect fit. I just modified the included studs to fit through the spindle nose clearance holes.

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