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Tin Falcon

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Jul 9, 2007
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Dear HMEM Members and fans.
As you know HMEM is a non commercial forum. As such this section is intended to be used by active members of this board.
An active member is one that Posts an introduction and contributes to the board by sharing experience ,asking questions ,and encouraging others work.
We can only judge folks by there activity here and the words that are written.
The only cost to advertise here is to be part of this community please respect that.
And all who are interested in building model engines and are willing to respect the members , the staff ,and few rules of this board are welcome to join.
This is not e- bay or Craigs list anyone who posts a thread in this section and is not an active member will be banned and the post will be deleted . It is called spam folks.
When posting an item please label as to need ie for sale/fs, wanted/WTB ,e-bay etc.
Tin falcon
Also folks when an item is sold please change the title of the listing to sold just makes it easier for people.
For folks that have a product or service that they believe is related to this forum and what we do here please contact Angie or click on the advertise here link, located at the bottom of the page. . As always this sub forum is for personal sales of hobby related items and is reserved for active forum members.
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