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Oct 7, 2023
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Brighouse. Yorkshire, UK
I got a 100mm diameter diamond wheel a while ago as it looked like it might fit an angle grinder, but it didn't. The bore is 20mm so I needed an arbour to suit it. All the ones that I could find weren't available in 20mm size either so I had a think about making one.
Using a 16mm nut and bolt as a basis it was quite straightforward.
First I faced off the top of the bolt head to reduce the thickness. This left enough to form a 20mm diameter step for the wheel and a small amount of hexagon which is to hold the wheel but cut short enough so that it doesn't stick out past the wheel.
Next I centre drilled the head and then, gripping the other end of the bolt turned it between centres. The step for the wheel first then I machined away some of the thread, leaving enough to use the nut to grip the wheel.
After deciding against parting it off, as the bolt was not nice to machine, I pulled it out and used the bandsaw to cut the end off the bolt where the thread had been in the 3 jaw chuck.
The shank fits into a collet, mine ended up at 13mm but it can be any size to suit what you have.
The downside? I had to run the mill backwards to keep the nut holding the wheel tight. DiamondWheel.jpgArbour.jpg

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