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Feb 13, 2009
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Does anyone have one of these Dremel 732 motor flexible drive units? If so is it possible someone could give me the details of the flexible drive inner core. This part is no longer available and is missing totally from my Dremel. I see no reason why I can't make one if I can find the details of it. The cable seems to screw onto the motor with what looks like a 9/32 x 40 thread and the hand piece seems to be driven by a 4mm round shaft with a key on the side of it. I can probably improvise from that but proper measurements would be better.
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I have a Dremel 225 flexible drive. I have no idea if it is the same though.
Thank you for trying to help but sadly no they are different, you can buy cables for the 225 they have a square drive on both ends I have one here that my local shop supplied in error it is 1/8" diameter with a 1/10" square drive on each end.

The cable I am looking for seems like it would be 5/32" with a single square key on one side to engage with a slot in the input of the hand piece. I have checked that a 4mm rod slides smoothly through the flexible drive outer, as Dremel is American I assume it would actually be 5/32".