Does Anyone Weld Their Own Band Saw Blades?

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I have a large metal cutting band saw that has a built-in welder and alignment vice for making blades. I assumed it was for making new blades from a large roll of blade material bought in bulk. I only use HSS blades because of work with stainless and by the time that they break a few teeth are missing or the blade is not tracking well due to worn teeth on one side. Repairing a broken blade is not practical and buying HSS blade material in bulk is expensive. My conclusion is that welding new blades isn't worth the effort. HSS blades last a long time for me and having a couple on hand in the right length is all that I need.

Am I missing something when it comes to welding band saw blades for a hobby workshop?
As an apprentice many years ago our bandsaw was fitted with a clamping jig,the joints were scarfed on the grinder
and then silver soldered before cleaning up.My job of course and god help me if they jumped.Later we got another
band saw with with a resistance welder fitment.Much easier but still needed cleaning on the inbuilt grinding wheel
I have in the last few years done them at home by siver soldering works well with a nice annealed joint

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