Compressed air revolving cylinder engine

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Nov 7, 2012
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Victoria Australia
There were many examples of this engine at N.A.M.E.S. so when I got home I liked it so much I decided to build one. This is the quickest engine I have ever built, it took 8 weeks from concept to running engine. The reason why I was in a such a hurry a local model engine show ( Melbourne Australia) was coming up and wanted to display it there. It is the most fascinating engine to watch running and it always amazes me how people can design very different engines compared to standard designs.
I gotta keep that one in mind for a future project.

Also, nice clean castings!
I Very much like your reversing gear. Very nice engine - good runner.
See my crankless version (and another which got me going on mine),
Regards, Ken
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Thank you so much for posting the link to your engine. I watched your video and it was really great to see another version of the rotating cylinder engine! Just a quick question, why are there so many holes drilled on the inside of the rim of the flywheel?
Why are there so many holes drilled on the inside of the rim of the flywheel?
The inner rim only requires a single hole for the big end clevis - I could have milled the rest away to leave just that one anchor point.
Left as a rim just looked too plain - all the other holes are just for decoration - apart from the duplicate redundant clevis mounting point on the other side which is for symmetry (but it crossed my mind it might come in useful as a "spare" if ever it wore out - unlikely).
Regards, Ken
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