Black Widow Blown V8 -----Mistake in price

Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade' started by joerom, Jun 30, 2019.

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    I made a mistake when I posted this and did not realize it until now..It is not 1850.00, it is 1650.00 which includes shipping USA.......
    With turning 74 I am realizing that I just do not have the ambition anymore like I once had..My mind says yes but my body says no..I still get excited reading about the builds on here, but dragging myself down in the basement to work is not high on my list..I also have too many hobbies..So with all that said , I am going to start selling most of my castings because I know that I will never get them done..I will keep just a few, and that includes the BR2 I am working on, which I still want to finish..I do not have to sell these castings, and there is no rush..I will start with the Black Widow Blown V8 I just got..It is a complete casting set with the drawings..If someone wants to give me 1650.00 shipping included in the USA only, they will own this rare set of castings..... IMG_1003.JPG IMG_1004.JPG
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