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For Sale Joy Valve Engine

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Jan 7, 2011
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Monterrey Mexico
Hello dear colleagues

Some years ago , when starting in this marvelous hobby, (I´m a doctor) I bought some castings for steam engines, but then I decided to go to 4 stroke engines (blame Lee Hodgson and Roy Sholl!
), and as distracted as usual (not in my medical work though) so now I have two Joy Valve Engine castings and one Corliss engine castings,

I made a decision to go on in the internal combustion engines, ( I even have a Black Widow castings that I don't think will machine, to much for me), but first things first, I am selling the Joy Valve castings first, now the not so good news, I live actually in Mexico, and the shipping, for example, to Toledo Oh, where I have family, is about $1,000.00 usd, each Joy Valve is about 130 lb.!, so I can and will take a lower price to compensate the S&H in case someone is interested


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