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Sep 19, 2010
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South Australia
Early this year I decided to commence the build of a Wallaby [E.T. Westbury] based on the details promoted by Forum Member ECCENTRIC. The build was prompted by the need for a workshop project to keep the grey matter active but not at the level required to complete my Howell V 4. I have found this project is somewhat more relaxed but close attention is required is one is to meet the desired end result.
The model requires no castings and materials are readily obtainable. Eccentic has produced a set of component drawings which cover the use of CNC milling and routing equipment plus a "manual " set which caters for those who lack some or all of such equipment. In my case I am using the manual details as I do not have any type of CNC equipment. I am making full use of conventional measuring aids, machining processes based on "Old School basics" and adapting methods and concepts I have used on previous IC projects.

The attached [hopefully] photos show progress to date. For interest the timing case spacer is acrylic and was laser cut out by a friend whilst the front and back covers were cut out and filed by hand. The camshaft is currently in progress and I will detail how I went about it in a future post. Have yet to decide how to make the crank, fabricate or machine from solid?
In its present state the model looks a little brutalist but will look more appealing after some dressing up. I would recommend readers look at the initial forum posted by eccentric to gain an
overall appreciation of the model.