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Feb 18, 2024
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Hi. Has anyone had any experience with the Toyo Sakai Ml-1 lathe?
If so have you made any improvements or modifications to it?
Given the lack of responses there now a fairly rare lathe. And I don't think all that many were sold even when they were still available. I've only seen a single new one at a tool dealers well over 20 years ago. But I look at making any improvements or modifications from the perspective of what isn't designed or included with it that won't do what I'd like or might be faster, easier and more convenient. Then do Google, Youtube, and forum searches for what others might have done with any other lathe brand. Since you already have the lathe, then a bit of redesigning to fit and work with what you have isn't all that tough for most of it. As an example, hundreds of magazine articles and a few books were written about improvements and additions to the Myford Super 7 lathe. Quite a few of those could be incorporated into many other lathe brands and sizes.

While my current lathe is about 30% larger than those Super 7's, George Thomas in the UK who was also a certified mechanical engineer and designer in his day job produced an extremely well thought out and cleverly designed geared and lever operated retraction assembly for his Super 7's top slide used while single pointing both external and internal threads. It's in this book. It works very much like Hardinge used on there HLV lathes. It would be a fairly involved and complex redesign to fit mine, and something I may never get to. But it's on my list of additions I'd like to have on mine.

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