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Jul 8, 2009
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Anybody else on here visit I haven't been able get access to that site since the first of the year. I keep getting a server timeout error, I'll try later tonight to see if I can get on-line. Hopefully it's something simple like there been a tremendous up-swing in the popularity of hobby metal-casting, and not something disastrous. (Don't THINK the servers were in Japan, but you never know.)
The member "aonemarine" here is the owner of that site.

It has been down since about the 1st of the year (from the standpoint of me being able to access it anyway).

Somebody can PM him on this forum and ask him what is going on.

Since there is no message when you try to access the site, such as "this site cannot be found", or "this site is down for maintenance", etc., then I have to assume it is just a technical glitch, such as a server going down or something.

I guess we will find out soon enough if it comes back.

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