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For Sale set of 6 wooden handled model-maker's taps (imperial sizes)

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Jun 26, 2022
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united states
photos tell the story - these are from a friend's estate - I've decided I'm out of room, they need a new work bench to sit on.

sizes are:
  • 3-56 (2 of these)
  • 8-36
  • 4-48
  • 5-40
  • 8-40
I am pretty sure that these are from the UK, and pretty old, but you be the judge.

$36 for all 6, or if you want one, $10 each, plus shipping

shipping in the USA will be cheap, under $10 for sure, international shipping will be more, sometimes (sadly) absurdly more. the set of bare tools weighs 13 ounces. if you buy them all and want only the taps, that's sad, but I can pull them out of the handles and it will probably cut the weight in half (or more), and save you some international shipping.

Given our weather here, I would love for a parade to be rained on, and I'd go and parade these things around the block of that would bring a gentle rain.... ;-)

That said, these may be chasers, they may be shop made from something else, in a shop that didn't have a way to grind in a rake angle. With those wood handles, I think I agree that they would be best as chasers, you'd have to have a strong wrist to cut number 8 threads in steel, wouldn't you....

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