resurrected an old project 3 cylinder fairbanks (going to be a long build)

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I don't know how relevant this is but the Mount Wilson astronomical observatory in southern California used a FB engine to generate primary power for many years. The history of the site and the engine is chronicled here...

and a brief video of the engine running is here...

thanks for all the kind words guys :)

i just want to let you know that i have not abandoned this project like i have done in the past.
i have not posted in a while because it my day job is unbelievably busy and i have not had any time to work on this model.

i did get some work done and here it is.

the next few pictures show the outer two camshaft bearings that bolt to the crankcase.





the next 2 pictures show the bearings in place.



next up is the camshaft. it will be made from several pieces, the shaft itself is made from two pieces that are pressed together.




next will be the cams them selves, the intake and exhaust cams are all the same so it makes for easy machining.
here is a picture of what has to be made.


i started out with 8 blanks, i only need 6 cams but i am sure i will mess up one along the way :big:


first thing to do is machine them to size and drill a hole in the middle so they can be machined.


then i put them on a mandrel so they can be machined to size.


first i had to turn a shoulder on one end.


once they were all turned i then used the mandrel to hold the cam blanks in the mill.


i did not take any pictures of the actual milling procedure because i don't want to give away all my secrets (truth be known the camera batteries were dead).
so the next picture shows a cam finished (all accept the polishing)


and here is a pair on the camshaft waiting for the other 4 cams.


next up will be the ignitor cams and then the time consuming task of degreing the cams into their proper positions.

i hope to get some more done this week but with the way work is going i don't know if i will get any time to work out in the shop.

thanks for tuning in guys


looking good Chuck! I hear ya about work! I'll be in for it next week I'm sure1


Glad to see you back at it, Chuck. I'm looking forward to seeing the ignitors.


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