Questions about bearing shells .

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Just for your viewing pleasure , a picture of the cleaned and painted engine block .


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I like the sound of your 3-cylinder diesel tractor... My Dad always said he liked a particular road roller (Aveling Roller with a Perkins engine? - I just don't know...) with a 3-cylinder diesel on it. He said that in almost any weather (especially cold!) you could swing it over by hand to start it as the compressions and valve timings complimented each other so there was less "lumpiness" when hand cranked... Once started, he could use the charging battery as a good jump supply to start more recalcitrant engines on other plant!
He fancied one as a boat engine (Because of the smooth running?) .... but never bought the boat he wanted.
Any other tales of similar plant?
Stragenmitsuko... Any further ideas how you will resolve your bearing problem?
Yes I have ordered phosfor bronze , and I've already sourced all
the raw materials to make the necessary fixtures .
I hope to start machining mid next week or so .
I'll upload a pic every now and then of the progress .
Gents (and any ladies interested, of course!)
Incidentally, I hear and understand many of the expert comments regarding bearing materials, use of Babbit, etc. and regarding oils and viscosity.
Thanks for countering my arguments, and I am sure we are all "correct" in some way or another, but having worked alongside the bearing engineer, and the oil engineer and chemist, it is their sole job upon which they summarise all the thousands of hours of testing, varying conditions of use of each engine application, etc. etc... and I defy any individual to do a better job at recommending the best oils for the various conditions as mentioned in service manuals. But if their expertise fails in some way for your application then you have probably got a good alternative - or you would not be recommending it. All I can say is without loads of details I cannot disagree with anything you are posting, but I stick to my earlier recommendations.
As promised , a couple of pictures of progress sofar .

I have made a "big end " with a MT5 that will fit my lathe spindle to hold the shells once their OD has been urned to size .

I also purchased a nice piece of phosfor bronze .
It was sold in multiples of 250mm wich leaves very little room for parting off and no room for error .

To be continued ...


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