Question about lost PLA casting

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Here is an example of lost PLA with an iron pour.

These castings are basically flawless, which is a most impressive accomplishment in gray iron.
These castings have no defects, and can be drilled easily without requiring any heat treating.

This shows the level of quality you can achieve if you use the right materials and methods.

I think this method used Suspendaslurry (check me on that).
I think multiple coats of the slurry, with sand applied between coats, then burning out the molds that are created, and pouring them while they are red hot.

This is one method that does work, and more importantly a method that works with gray iron.
I am sure there are other methods/materials that would work with aluminum.

I did not believe that the guy had made perfect shell castings in the video above, and so I contacted him, and he mailed me two of the ones shown in the video, and they are everything he says they are, ie: darn near perfect, drill and machine easily with no heat treating.
Extremely impressive work for a backyard person, or for a commercial foundry too.